/Lexus NX Gets Ice Wheels for No Good Reason

Lexus NX Gets Ice Wheels for No Good Reason

Lexus NX Ice Wheels 600x381 at Lexus NX Gets Ice Wheels for No Good Reason

Lexus is establishing themselves as an authority in creating pointless, senseless marketing campaigns for cars that are already doing good in the market. It’s like they get bored and because they have a lot of money to spare, they come up with silly ideas… like putting ice wheels on a Lexus NX.

Now if you are thinking this is the single most stupid thing you have ever heard, well, you are probably right. Apparently, they’ve gone through three months of intense research and spent loads of money hiring Hamilton Ice Sculptors to make the wheels… just so they can drive it for ten-seconds at one mile an hour before the wheels started melting!

The Lexus NX to which this ice wheel treatment was given had been deep-frozen and stored for five days at -30°C. So there is one fairly good point Lexus can make with this and that’s their claim that the NX started on the button after that five days, which itself seems like a bold claim. There is also something to be said about the precision involved in making those ice wheels, as they had to tolerate NX’s 2.2-tonne mass. At any rate, we will probably see more of this pointless shenanigans from Lexus in the future. If you have silly ideas like this, get in touch with them. They might pay you a big pile of cash for it.

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