/Rendering: Koenigsegg Regera R?

Rendering: Koenigsegg Regera R?

Koenigsegg Regera R 600x383 at Rendering: Koenigsegg Regera R?

Koenigsegg’s new ultra hyper car, the Regera, is all the rage these days and so independent designer Rain Prisk decided to play around with it a bit. He has penned a more aggressive version of the car which, to all intents and purposes, could someday become the Koenigsegg Regera R.

Now, we do realize the normal Regera is itself a long way off from becoming a production car you can buy. But so was the Agera at one point, and now you are spoiled for choice if you want one since there are so many different variants of it. So that will happen to the Regera as well.

The Koenigsegg Regera R Prisk has come up with features some really interesting details such as an aero kit consisting of a massive front spoiler, flared wheel arches and chunky skirts, and a large rear wing. One would assume the R is also lighter and more performance focused, and more powerful as well, although how can you improve a hybrid powertrain that already makes upwards of 1,500 horsepower, we have no idea.

Koenigsegg is building a total of 80 Regeras, each prices at nearly $2 million. If they ever build an R version, it will be more limited in numbers and definitely more expensive.

Rendering by Rain Prisk Designs

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