/Gallery: Canepa Blue McLaren P1

Gallery: Canepa Blue McLaren P1

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You have the normal P1, then you have the MSO-customized models, and then beyond that you have this, the one-off Canepa Blue McLaren P1. What makes this car so unique is a bespoke paint job created by owner Bruce Canepa exclusively for his P1.

Canepa, as you may know, is the owner of Canepa Collection exotic car business and motorsport team and he has a penchant for super rare, super exclusive motors. Besides this 2014 Canepa Blue McLaren P1 he also has a P1 GTR finished in his own Canepa Green.

The color itself isn’t that special to be honest, as it looks like a really fine, really rich shade of navy blue which appears black in low light. What makes it particularly cool though is the fact that Canepa formulated this color at his own workshop and then sent it to McLaren to be applied to his P1. Now that’s something. What’s more, the car also features a McLaren F1 badge on the front, P1 badging on the wheel centers, and an interior dyed to match the unique paint color.

Mechanically, Canepa Blue McLaren P1 is a standard 917 PS hyper car with the ability to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and a top speed (with the limited removed) of 249 mph (401 km/h).

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