/First Look: Renault Clio RS KZ 01

First Look: Renault Clio RS KZ 01

Renault Clio RS KZ 3 600x408 at First Look: Renault Clio RS KZ 01

RenaultSport is evidently plotting something so hot, they could not contain it under wraps. The leaked photos from inside the most secret hallways of the division reveal what is believed to be called Renault Clio RS KZ 01, an extra hot version of the tiny hatchback packing a massive punch.

Set to be unveiled at the Monaco Grand Prix, Renault Clio RS KZ 01 appears to be a naughty version of the regular RS with extended aero parts, fat wheel arches, low ride height, bigger wheels, and an extremely shiny paint job. Now, those of you who are familiar with RenaultSport know that these guys never go such length with the styling without doing something equally impressive with the powertrain. And that is the case with the Kay-Zi.

Renault Clio RS KZ 1 600x373 at First Look: Renault Clio RS KZ 01

Renault Clio RS KZ 01 by RenaultSport is said to have the engine and running gear of the hottest Megan RS, meaning it gets a turbocharged 2.0 liter four-pot with up to 270 horsepower. Even if that turns out to be false and the KZ only gets 250-hp version that is still a lot of power in a car the size of a shoe. Hopefully this is more than just a concept and an engineering exercise and we get to see this hot little Clio out in the real world.

Renault Clio RS KZ 2 600x345 at First Look: Renault Clio RS KZ 01

Even if they do green light this car, the production will be limited to around 500 units and it will be sporting in all likelihood such a huge price tag that wouldn’t make any sense. Remember the days of V6-powered, rear-engined Clios?

Via Autocar

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