/Here’s Some Proper Porsche 918 Wide Body Renderings

Here’s Some Proper Porsche 918 Wide Body Renderings

Porsche 918 Wide Body JD 0 600x362 at Here’s Some Proper Porsche 918 Wide Body Renderings

We have already shown you what a Porsche 918 Wide Body looks like in a couple of fairly decent renderings. But those look like mere doodles now compared with what we have for you here. These fat bastards are what a proper wide body 918 should look like.

Penned by Jack Darton, the Porsche 918 Wide Body models rendered here feature the whole nine yards as far as the treatment goes. They get massive bolt-on fenders, huge aero parts, extreme lowering, ultra-wide wheels and tires and crazy paint jobs. That last part we could do without, but the rest of the package is just spot on.

Now all the world needs is for some of the 918 people who’ve bought one of these cars to be brave enough and send his or her car to the tuners with a print of these images. There are only a handful of tuners capable of pulling off such a high-profile job like this. Liberty Walk would be the ideal builder for a Porsche 918 Wide Body since they already widened pretty much every other exotic car there is.

Not all of these 918s are wide body examples, but they are all tricked-out in one way or another and they all have HRE wheels which look really cool on this car:

Renderings by Jack Darton

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