/Lamborghini Huracan SuperVeloce Has to Happen

Lamborghini Huracan SuperVeloce Has to Happen

Lamborghini Huracan SuperVeloce 600x330 at Lamborghini Huracan SuperVeloce Has to Happen

Our favorite rendering artist X-Tomi Design has been at it again, this time awesomizing the baby Lambo. Tomi’s Lamborghini Huracan SuperVeloce looks obviously amazing, and unlike some of his other works it is not even that outlandish.

And what we mean by that, there could be a Lamborghini Huracan SuperVeloce. All it take for this speculative rendering to become reality is to adopt the Aventador SV kit for the Huracan, and hey presto, we got ourselves a hard-core, extra-hot Lambo that looks great and goes even greater.

As you may know, the Huracan has come under a lot fire since the day it was introduced for not looking wild enough. A Lamborghini Huracan SuperVeloce would remedy that quite nicely, and what’s more it could increases the sale of this model. We know for a fact that Lambo does have a hot Huracan in the pipeline, but that car will most likely be called the SuperLeggera. The SuperVeloce could be the next step.

But even if Lambo is not interested in this concept there are many tuners out there who are more than capable of designing a SV kit for the Huracan. So yeah, this thing can and should happen. There is more than one way for it to burst into existence.

Rendering by X-Tomi Design

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