/Rendering: Ferrari FXX K Aperta

Rendering: Ferrari FXX K Aperta

Ferrari FXX K Aperta 600x325 at Rendering: Ferrari FXX K Aperta

The world is functioning pretty well these days and it has resulted in a whole new kind of economic prosperity—for the top one percent, that is. What that means, in the car world, is a growing desire for having the impossible, like race cars you can drive on the street. That is why we think there is a case to be made for this fantastical Ferrari FXX K Aperta.

This rather awesome thing was penned by our favorite car designer Jon Sibal as a sort of Wednesday afternoon doodle. Sibal himself admits that it is total fantasy. But, we’re living in a world where people buy a $3 million McLaren P1 GTR and then spend another couple of mils making it road legal just so that they can cruise the streets of Monaco in it and have their vanity stroked.

For these people buying a LaFerrari Aperta and then converting it to the FXX K specs is the easiest thing in the world. In fact, something like this might be in the works as we speak. Judging by how good Ferrari FXX K Aperta looks in this rendering, we would definitely love to see one out in the real world. You just have to be willing to commit your yet-to-be-delivered LaFerrari Aperta to some serious modifications.

Rendering by Jon Sibal

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