/William and Kate Approve of BAC Mono

William and Kate Approve of BAC Mono

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Not sure how far the endorsement of the Royal couple goes in terms of encouraging people to buy the BAC Mono, but the makers of the sports car are sure chuffed about it. William and Kate, or as they are known locally the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, sampled the Mono during their visit to the University of Manchester’s National Graphene Institute (NGI).

What that has to do with the BAC Mono, you’re asking? Well, a lot, actually. BAC is the first car manufacturer in the world to use the innovative material graphene, which keeps the Mono’s weight as light as possible and provides a performance benefit to the driver. They are also one of the first to use waterproof material, the same material they use to upholster the seats at old people’s homes, in the cockpit of their car, although we have a feeling they didn’t mention that to the Duke.

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Back in the old days there must have been occasions where the Kings and Queens of England visited the local stables and sampled the best horses. Think Henry VIII taking a horse from the Boleyn’s after he fell of his. This amounts to the same thing, but thankfully William Windsor is quite a fit fellow and he managed to squeeze himself into the tight cockpit of the Mono, probably thinking if he were single he’d have totally gotten one of these. Come to think of it, Henry would have beheaded BAC’s CEO because he didn’t make the cabin big enough for him.

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