/RDBLA Porsche 911 R with Special Wrap

RDBLA Porsche 911 R with Special Wrap

RDBLA Porsche 911 R 0 600x375 at RDBLA Porsche 911 R with Special Wrap

Those who ordered a Porsche 911 R early on may be a bit upset now because in their haste to put in an order first they didn’t take time to spec up the car and choose a cool paint work. That’s important, because the later models boast such amazing colors and are fetching such high prices that a plain old white car can never get. But don’t despair, because there is always the aftermarket.

The owner of this particular Porsche 911 R clearly felt that his white car with red stripes is no longer cutting it in the world of bespoke colors and exclusive paint jobs. So he sent his car to the expert tuners at RDBLA where it got what is quite possibly the coolest wrap you can have on this German sports car. In giving the car the treatment the RDBLA guys took care to remain loyal to the original theme. So although they changed the white for matte military green and the red for racing yellow, they aligned the stripes and graphics so they would go exactly where the original items are.

RDBLA Porsche 911 R certainly looks miles more impressive now and it can hold its own if it ever comes across one of those factory bespoke models. What we would like to see now – and this is something no tuner has tried yet – is a performance upgrade for the R’s 500 hp engine. It’d be cool to see what an overpowered flat-six 911 engine performs with a manual gearbox. We reckon it’ll be an untamable beast that needs a new clutch every 2,000 miles!

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