/Dodge Challenger SRT Demon – Powertrain Highlights

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon – Powertrain Highlights

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By now, I am sure, you all know the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon inside and out. A few days ago we even learned how much it costs to get one from the factory. But there are so many layers of awesomeness to this thing that the deeper you dig, the more details you come across. 

So this time let’s go deep on the Demon’s V8 engine, check it out on the dyno, and learn more about the components that get the 840 horsepower output of the engine and transfer it to the rear wheels.

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First,power: The supercharged 6.2 liter HEMI V8 engine in the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon makes 840 bhp (626 kW) @ 6,300 rpm; 770 lb.-ft (1,044 N•m) @ 4,500 rpm with Direct Connection Controller and unleaded 100 octane minimum fuel. Thse figures with Premium 91 octane fuel are 808 bhp (603 kW) @ 6,300 rpm; 717 lb.-ft (972 N•m) @ 4,500 rpm.

This bad boy features the largest functional hood scoop opening (45.2 square inches) and triple-inlet air box (903.1 cubic inches), resulting in an airflow rating of 1,150 cubic feet per minute. A cool feature of the Demon engine is the SRT Power Chiller which redirects air conditioning refrigerant from cabin to chiller unit; reduces charge air temperature by 18 degrees Fahrenheit. The supercharger itself is a twin screw, 2.7 liters per revolution job with maximum boost pressure 14.5 psi (compared with 11.6 psi for Hellcat), dual water/air heat exchangers integrated into supercharger housing, and electric pump flows up to 11.9 gallons per minute.

As for the transmission, the Demon uses an upgraded automatic transmission torque converter with increased torque multiplication by 18 percent and stall speed increased 11 percent. In Drag Mode, transmission minimizes torque cut during gear changes – 400 millisecond shifts. The drivetrain also include a limited-slip differential, 20-percent thicker prop shaft made of high strength, low alloy steel tube; high strength steel stub shafts, Upgraded halfshafts with 8-ball Cross-Glide inner and outer joints; larger diameter barshafts with 41-spline count; high alloy steel inner and outer stub shafts, and 3.09 final drive ratio for maximum acceleration.

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