/Ferrari P3 Hypercar Rendered as Valkyrie Rival

Ferrari P3 Hypercar Rendered as Valkyrie Rival

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We are currently living the age of hybrid hypercars and it’s been fairly exciting, what with the rivalry between the LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918. But already it seems the tide is shifting towards crazier, more technologically sophisticated machines such as Mercedes AMG Project One and Aston Martin Valkyrie. So an independent designer decided to speculate what Ferrari’s answer to all this would be like.

And here’s what he came up with, Ferrari P3 which is a futuristic hypercar designed with inspirations from the aforementioned products. Now, this might seem like a pretty outlandish idea, and it is frankly, but something like this has a much greater chance of actually happening that may realize. See, if indeed this is where the hypercar game is headed, and all the evidence suggest that might be the case, Ferrari cannot just sit back and watch other brands runaway with the market. They are going to have to react, and that reaction could look a helluva lot like what you are seeing here.

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What we can’t imagine is what sort of powertrain a Ferrari hypercar of this caliber would use. Of course we know that that electrically-boosted V12 in the LaFerrari has still more potential than its current 1,000 horsepower output, but it is just not in the same league as the F1-derived powertrain in the AMG One. What’s more, we don’t yet know what Porsche might have in store should they decide to join this high-roller club. Traditionally, what Porsche brings to the table makes all the other offerings look like they belong to the previous century.

So yes, it’s only getting more exciting, this hypercar game!

Renderings by Alex Imnadze Baldini

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