/Mazda at Tokyo Motor Show 2017 – Two Important Concepts

Mazda at Tokyo Motor Show 2017 – Two Important Concepts

Next generation product concept2 730x292 at Mazda at Tokyo Motor Show 2017   Two Important Concepts

Mazda revealed the highlights of their lineup for the Tokyo Motor Show 2017, the home event where they usually outline the company’s strategy for the year ahead. And that’s what they are doing this year, with two concept cars which preview the next generation of products by Mazda and give us a taste of a new design language they are adapting. 

That doesn’t mean the age of KODO is over and we will be treated to a new look from Mazda. Rather, the new design language is an evolution of KODO, one that is on the line with the company’s new theme “Celebrate Driving.” The design concept “will define the next generation of Mazda design, resulting in a more profound expression” of the current design. That should mean more sculpted parts and sharp angels, but the preview images show a more discreet look with lots of smooth surfaces.

Next generation design vision 730x292 at Mazda at Tokyo Motor Show 2017   Two Important Concepts

The second of the two concepts is what they refer to at this stage as the “product concept” and it’s a compact hatchback that shows off the new technologies we will be seeing in upcoming production models. It heralds a new generation of SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture, next-generation technologies that apply a human-centered design philosophy for optimal functionality, and is powered by the SKYACTIV-X which uses compression ignition technology.

Tokyo Motor Show 2017 also marks the launch of Mazda CX-8 in Japan and the debut of a special edition Mazda Roadster (MX-5) Red Top featuring a dark cherry red canopy and auburn Nappa leather upholstery. That is something to look forward to.

“In August, we announced our Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 long-term vision for technology development, setting out how Mazda hopes to use driving pleasure, the fundamental appeal of the automobile, to help solve issues facing people, the earth and society. The vision commits Mazda to make substantive cuts in CO2 emissions, and we believe the best way to achieve this is to reduce emissions under real-world conditions while offering a mix of combustion engines and electrification technologies in consideration of each region’s energy situation and energy mix,” said Masamichi Kogai, Mazda’s Representative Director, President and CEO. “Our stand this year marks the beginning of a new era for Mazda. We will showcase a concept model with the design and technologies that will define a whole new generation of Mazda cars. Among them is SKYACTIV-X, a gasoline engine that realizes a long-held dream of the global automotive industry.”

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