/Lyonheart K E-Type Gets a Price Bump

Lyonheart K E-Type Gets a Price Bump

Lyonheart K 1 545x323 at Lyonheart K E Type Gets a Price Bump

Save the Eagle Speedster, Lyonheart K is the finest effort to create a modern-day Jaguar E-Type to date. This Swiss sports car is a handmade beauty based on the modern Jaguar XKR. And like every other handmade car, it has a crazy price tag.

Actually, it had a crazy price tag. As the car is inching closer to production news emerge that it has a new price tag, and it is downright insane. When it was first announced, the Lyonheart K Coupe was priced €360,000 and the Convertible €375,000. The new price tags read €428,400 for the coupe and €446,250 for the convertible.

That is a remarkable bump, but it doesn’t matter really because if you are wealthy enough to spend more than 300K on a car, and if you want this car badly enough to spend that much, you wouldn’t mind an extra 100K.

The Lyonheart has the looks and the technicalities to offer the E-Type lovers an incredibly satisfying experience. The best thing about it, for us at least, is the magnificent interior. It boasts the finest blend of wood, leather and brushed aluminum we’ve ever seen. an exquisite bit of kit.

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