/Mazda RX-Vision Rendered in Liberty Walk Guise

Mazda RX-Vision Rendered in Liberty Walk Guise

Mazda RX Vision LB 600x372 at Mazda RX Vision Rendered in Liberty Walk Guise

The rotary-engined Mazda RX-Vision is all the buzz these days and wherever you go, in the automotive blogsphere at least, it is what everybody is talking about. Designer X-Tomi has already shown us how this car looks like as a roadster. Now he’s come up with a wide body Liberty Walk version.

This tuned version of Mazda RX-Vision boasts the famous LB-Performance wide body kit consisting of massive fender extension bolted on using the signature exposed bolt apparatus. It also gets an aero kit consisting of front spoiler lip and side skirts, plus ducktail rear spoiler and rear diffuser. As you know, no LB car is complete without air suspension and a set of properly fat tires. 

The significance of Mazda RX-Vision is way beyond the way it looks, for it is the one and only modern Wankel-engined car that has a chance of production, although that chance is pretty slim. Now, one may argue that the media is making too big a fuss about rotary engines, and one would have a point. After all, if those things didn’t have so many reliability issues, they’d have stuck around. But a rotary engine is so smooth and so full of character that the world of car needs at least one.

Rendering by X-Tomi Design

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