/McLaren’s Upcoming Hyper-GT Named: McLaren Speedtail

McLaren’s Upcoming Hyper-GT Named: McLaren Speedtail

McLaren Speedtail logo 730x359 at McLarens Upcoming Hyper GT Named: McLaren Speedtail

McLaren has been teasing for a while with little tidbits on their upcoming super-hyper-mega car codenamed BP23. Now, in the latest episode of the series, we get treated to the car’s official name. As you have already read in the title, this hybrid petrol-electric hyper GT is christened McLaren Speedtail. 

McLaren, as you know,has a long history with tails, Long Tails to be more precise. So they wanted to include that word in the naming of this car, and they went with what is probably the easiest option, McLaren Speedtail. It’s a good name though, it’s certainly catchy and snappy. It just does not make much sense as a word. If you can define Speedtail, please enlighten us with a comment below.

McLaren BP23 March 2018 rear sketch 730x299 at McLarens Upcoming Hyper GT Named: McLaren Speedtail

Besides revealing the name, we have also got a good deal of juicy details as to the nature of McLaren Speedtail. They say the focus with this hypercar is not just on performance, as with the Senna and previously the P1. The Speedtail is also going to be very luxurious, according to McLaren, even though it features an F1-inspired three-seat cockpit design with a central driving position. But don’t think that dose of luxury will make a rival for the Bugatti Chiron. For one thing, the Speedtail can only do 243 mph. Then there is the production run, which is limited to 106 units. No, this thing is an altogether more exquisite, more exclusive machine.

The world will see the McLaren Speedtail some time before the end of 2018.Those who have already reserved the car at £1.6 million, though, will get an early private viewing. It’s good to be rich, huh?

McLaren BP23 March 2018 driver view 730x365 at McLarens Upcoming Hyper GT Named: McLaren Speedtail

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